The Evolution of Knowledge Management


Knowledge management has become an important and vital practice in the enterprise. As we have shifted from an industrial-based society to an information-based one, many jobs and tasks have been automated by machinery. The result is a smaller workforce and the advent of the knowledge worker – an employee whose job depends on tacit information that is rarely documented, limiting an organization’s ability to draw upon it in the future. Implementing solutions to collect and preserve tacit knowledge has become a high priority, allowing companies to create digital libraries of employee experiences and practices for future generations. The transfer of knowledge has evolved from the written word on rocks and paper to spoken stories heard live via telephones to digital, virtual, real-time communities on the web. Today’s #E2sday looks at the evolution of knowledge management, starting from our ancient foundation to today’s high tech solutions.

A Evolução da Gestão de Conhecimento (tecnologia, internet, mídias sociais, mobile)


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